Tropical Water Beach

Tropical Water BeachWater beach is a covered structure including a tropical beach, which due to the use of luxuriant tropical growth will maintain a constant temperature and level of humidity. Its great advantage is maximised energy efficiency, as the intention is to provide
self-sufficiency of heating and electrical supply within the complex. This could be achieved with the use of both photo-voltaic collectors and geothermal water. In this way the existing national electrical supply would serve only as a back-up. 

Water Beach is accessible from a new two-way local road. Parking for visitors has been arranged in underground car parks in the basement and outside car parks to the north and east of the building. Located in the basement there are also a laundry, storeroom, pool and communication technology with a circular staircase and lift for disabled access. The main entrance is on the eastern side at ground floor level.

The building's floors include Basement + Ground floor + 1st Floor. Basically the building is divided into two parts, east and west. In the eastern part of Water beach, floors G + 1st Floor, facilities can be installed that require clear height of up to 4m. In the western part there is a tropical beach, which is provided with a clearance height from 8 to 14 m. On the ground floor beside the reception area there are also cloakrooms for visitors, rooms for employees, management, services, a restaurant for outside guests, Water beach restaurant, bar and part of the beach area for sun loungers and children's play equipment.

From the Reception area on the ground floor visitors can go up to the 1st Floor, where the reception desk for the Wellness Centre and Fitness is located. From here there are separate entrances into the world of saunas, fitness, Pilates, Wellness and other services. Here there is also a balcony with sun loungers, which are part of the Water beach, accessible directly from the ground floor pool area via three vertical staircases and a lift for the disabled.
Entrance into individual program units is controlled with the help of an electronic reader. The walls of the saunas, fitness and Pilates that face towards the tropical beach are made of glass and offer a view of the beach.

The whole of the western part of the building is earmarked as a tropical beach, which offers a water surface area of 3968 m2. The central pool extends all the way to the glass façade in the west and allows swimmers direct contact with the outside surroundings. Parallel with the glass façade is a wooden bridge, which in the middle widens into a platform for watching water polo. The depth of the pool in the main part is 1.3 m, except in the area for water polo where it is deeper and in the area intended for children where the depth of the pool is up to 0.5 m. Within the main water surface area there are also two artificial islands. The first is intended for relaxation and drinks, the second is an exciting world of water slides. The water surface also offers special enjoyment for surfing fans with its flow rider and a pool that creates artificial waves. An artificial lake, complete with a waterfall flowing over a rocky surface, attractively completes the relaxing ambience. In the area of the sandy beach there is a camping site for approximately 30 people, sand volleyball, children's playgrounds, massage pools and of course an area intended for sun loungers.   

The Water Beach covers a total surface area of 22,383 m2.


Tropical Water Beach