Pohorje Meadow

Pohorje Meadow will bring:

  1. Tropical water beach with a constant air temperature of 27°C and real tropical vegetation,
  2. Hotel **** Superior, with underground corridors connecting to three extensions,
  3. Winter skating rink, that becomes roller skating rink in the summer,
  4. Comprehensive range of sports facilities, beach volleyball, football, and climbing walls,
  5. Sports rehabilitation centre, for the recovery of sports injuries,
  6. Apartments in terrace and individual houses, apartments blocks and villa blocks.

We plan to build an enclosed ski-slope.


Imagine a tropical paradise … a unique building with a tropical beach that covers 22,383 m2, and 15,000 m2 of beach, that utilises uses natural resources for heating and cooling. Down to an external ambient temperature of -10°C the structure heats with the use of geothermal water and photo-voltaic collectors, the external electrical supply network is only used as a back-up. Large glass surfaces fitted with special thermal curtains, which provide shade during the day and insulate during the night to conserve energy.



In the area of the tropical beach we pamper you in saunas, wellness, Pilates and a fitness centre. Enjoy 3,968 m2 of water surface and surrender yourself to swimming, the world of water slides and even surfing on artificial waves. The ambience is enhanced by an artificial lake, in which the water cascades over rocky surfaces. On the sandy beach there is a camping area, beach volleyball, children’s playgrounds massage pools



The Hotel **** Superior is built around the basic standards for a five star hotel and enables an upgrade to a higher category. Three hotel extensions, which are connected to the hotel by underground corridors, offer 394 beds and rooms with atriums or balconies. In the immediate vicinity are popular ski slopes, public transport, shops, restaurants, cycle routes, four training football pitches...